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Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia Intrinsic motivations appear to be the reason why conservation and environmentally minded consumers adopt eco-friendlier products (Chan 1996; Bamberg 2003). For example, intrinsically driven consumers buy hybrid cars to reduce the effects of their driving on the environment. However, there is another stream of literature using other research methods (often masked surveys) that have found that pro-environmental products are often not purchased because of pro-environmental motives (Diekmann & Preisendörfer 1998, Barr 2004, Mainieri et. al. 1997).  In fact, in a wide-ranging study that employed disguised surveys on a range of products, Bamberg (2003) reported only a low to moderate association between consumers’ concern about the environment and adoption of consumption behaviour that was considered to be environmentally friendly.  If this is the case, is it possible that there are other reasons behind adopting ‘greener’ products?

Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia
It is also possible that extrinsic rewards (e.g. popularity, image, status) may be a more salient reason for some consumers to adopt environmentally friendly products (e.g. Jansson, Marrell & Nordlund 2009; Stern 2000, Clark, Kotchen & Moore 2003). This is not to say that these consumers do not posses intrinsic motivations, but that extrinsic reasons appear to play a more powerful role in their decision making process.

Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia, Tybur & Van den Bergh (2010) conducted a series of experiments and found that many of the consumers’ in their sample chose environmental friendly products because of social or professional status concerns.  In addition, participants were more likely to adopt environmentally friendly products with ‘conspicuous’ consumption characteristics (i.e. they could be seen using the product) over those that were predominantly consumed in private.  They also found that consumers were more likely to choose environmentally friendly products that were comparatively more expensive, and tended to shun those that were priced at the same level or below similar less eco-friendly products. Griskevicius et al. found positive correlations between price and public consumption, suggesting that the consumers tested in their experiments appeared to view adopting green products with social and professional status.  Additionally, they only adopted green products that were more expensive (i.e. luxury green products).  The authors indicated that their results clearly suggested that some consumers tended to adopt an environmental friendly product only if this consumption decision was advantageous to their image as being pro-social issue and unselfish.  While Griskevicius et al.’s study investigated the influencing role of status in the adoption of eco-friendly products, no attempt was made to test for the relative the importance the different factors that enter into the decision making criteria for products.  Nor did they compare the decision making criteria for the purchase for non-environmental products against those used to evaluate environmentally friendly products.  Our research adds to the literature in this area.

In order to maximise the differences that can be discussed, most academic research dealing with contrasts prefers to use groups with strong tendencies towards the end-points of the phenomenon (e.g. highly intrinsic vs. highly extrinsic groups), there is also likely to be a third group of consumers with a more equal mix of in- and extrinsic motivations.  However, because of the often non-significant result that is obtained from this group with more balanced views, these results are normally not reported in academic literature (c.f. Clark, Kotchen & Moore 2003).  It is likely that this is the largest group of consumers when it comes to adopting hybrid products. Camry Mobil Hybrid Terbaik Indonesia

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